So my recording of Words has the girl yelling “OH GOD” after the “thousand ways” line & you don’t know how happy that makes me cause that was freaking hilarious. She was like, a few people over from me. Made my show haha.

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I think I’m having Listen Up withdrawals

Is there a kind of master blog thing for Listen Up? With all the videos for all the shows posted as they appear? I know it’s happened for other tours & such. Tbh I’m just wanting the entire Dallas show to relive it but

Darren was flawless tonight (well, more flawless than usual) & I just

So much eye sex like why

Whoop! :D

Whoop! :D

Big question:

When I went to House of Blues Dallas for the Space Tour they didn’t let us video or anything.

Is it always like that or was it just for Space Tour? I’d like to know for Darren’s Show.

The fact I’m seeing Darren Criss tonight…

Jesus take my feels I just can’t

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if Satan was a snake that just proves that as long as you have a nice voice nothing else matters

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  • Blaine: Kurt was my anchor!
  • Me: omfg Blaine's a werewolf
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Track: Unknowngrrrr fighters
Artist: UnknownDarren Criss
Album: UnknownDabbles
Played: 170 times

So I was cutting Fighter in my music editor to make it dance length. I zoomed in on the sound thing so I could cut one part closer. The music stops where the end of the zoomed part is.

What I got was: “despise you, but in the end- GRR”.


(also I recorded it from my computer to my iPod so it’s kinda quiet)

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Blaine! & Kurt! :D awwww eyepatch!Blaine is adorbsssss.

His “yayyyy” lolol omg I just died that’s so Darren of him XD I want a download of that ok? Ok.

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Wait the whole How To Succeed is on tumblr?


Can I has a link or whatever? :D

Look what I got today!!! :D

Look what I got today!!! :D

So yea.

Today’s going to suck simply because when I woke up, I was still in this hellhole, & hadn’t magically transported to New York during the night.