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dylan saunders in starkid productions

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these are pure gold why were they ever deleted

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avpm + popular text posts
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a selection of running jokes in starkid musicals

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on the scale of the fault in our stars to a very potter musical how good is okay?

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Hermione Jean Granger, I wanna get another kiss so will you marry me?

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this is it. this the post that made me watch this damn musical

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This speaks to me on a deep and profound level

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The girlz are back in town!

The girlz are back in town!

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anonymous asked: starship or twisted?

I wanna be something that can serve the greater good of our race/I’ll do whatever I can to make our world a better place/if only i could get to outer space

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During the Starkid panel at Ringcon

  • Fan: thank you for existing
  • Joe Moses: well, it's literally the least we could do
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