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Team Starkid at Ring*Con 2013

Please do not repost or use without permission!

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I’ve been watching Act 2 Part 4 of Holy Musical B@man all day.

Just that part. The last 4 minutes. Over & over.

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Saw this license plate today.

Taz+Up 5eva man.

Saw this license plate today.

Taz+Up 5eva man.

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A Very Newsies Mashup »

Yes. All of my dreams have come true.

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Taz could be gender!swapped for Spot Conlon…

Am I the only one?

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Anyone want to help think of a Starkid related name for my cat?

It’s a boy, & if you want me to name it Rumbleroar, you have to list a (good//normal) nickname too.

Thanks bunches! :)

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SPACEtour Challenge »

Hey guys, if you could Retweet my Challenge for the StarKids, that’d be really great :))

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I seriously can’t believe I’m going to the SPACE tour tomorrow.

Asdfghjkl. In like, less than 19 hours (unless my math is wrong, & it probably is) I’m going to see them.

Wut even.

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Lol the ship name for Specs & Taz.


Anyone going to the 3:00 SPACE Tour show in Dallas next week?

Let me know, cause I wanna say hi :)

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It’s kind of embarrassing how many times I’ve listened to ‘Land of The Dicks’ today.

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Anyone have an audio only version of Holiday Club? I waited for 15 minutes on YouTube for it to load, & it didn’t, so…

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So one of Quirrel’s hobbies is pressing flowers.

"When I rule the world, I’ll plant flowers…"